Monday, December 9, 2013

My Teal Chairs

It all started with spotting a St Vinnie's op-shop on a child free city visit
with the Dr and requesting a quick stop.
Then I spied the teal armchair in the window.
As soon as I saw it I knew it would be coming with us.
Once inside I discovered there was a matching chair
and a 3 seat couch as part of the set.
After convincing the sales lady to split the set and
then the Dr to let me buy it, we put it in the car and went on our way.
An afterthought, phone call, sold sticker and quick trip back to the city
with my girl a few days later resulted in the
matching armchair coming home with us too.
They were in great condition under the grime and
cleaned up beautifully with a fair bit of scrubbing and new squabs.
I had some vintage fabric in my stash, with which
I sewed the new covers for the squabs.
They now sit side by side in my thrifted living room
with the thrifted Retro couch.
Both tie in well with the thrifted Lyonel Feininger art on the wall.

Those teal chairs really do belong together.


  1. Oh wow cait! What a find! They look stunning x

  2. Oh, they are just as cool as I imagined them to look!! So glad they hadn't sold the second chair before you had a chance to go back - they definitely belong together! x

  3. they are gorgeous! Love it. Good for you x

  4. They are just gorgeous! yay for you and what a fantabulous living room x

  5. Oh I LOVE these. Isn't the colour just fab! Great find! Xx

  6. Yep they look right at home!. Love the new/old fabric choice. X

  7. Those chairs of so fun! Well done on the covers :)

  8. These are great - and the new squab covers really bring them alive!

  9. Love the colour what a great find. xxx

  10. Love these, teal is such a vibrant colour! Great blog, I'm now following x

  11. That colour is such fun and the chairs, are stylin'. Thanks for stopping by on the blog and instagram!


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