Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Green Husqvarna Sewing Machine

A little while ago, I spied a lovely case at an op-shop.
To my delight, I discovered this lovely
vintage green Husqvarna sewing machine inside it.
It works well.
I love the colour, shape and detail on the dials.
And, I love the little folding foot support on the extension plate.
It came with the original instructions, including a book of
real samples of different stitches on pieces of fabric. 
There is also a stitch wheel for selecting a
surprising number of different stitches.

I found a fantastic Bernina machine at an op-shop last year,
which I now use as my main sewing machine.
This one is perfect for my boys to use when they want to sew,
which they occasionally do.


  1. I'm so jealous, a few friends of mine have the same machine and it's on my "dream find list". It's a keeper!

  2. I inherited the same model from my mum, it was her 21st present. Unfortunately we have never seen eye to eye, and despite spending lots of money getting it serviced it now lives in the shed. So good to know some of them still go like they should!

  3. This machine is such a thing of beauty... and so awesome that it's working!

  4. That machine is glorious! Incredible score.

  5. It is a beautiful colour-i used to have a very early metal walkman in that finish. I am a great believer in old sewing machines-i sew on a 1881 elna supermatic, shes great but not as pretty as your find Cate!

  6. I learnt to sew on this machine - or one very similar. I always remember playing with the case while my mum used to sew me clothes too. A great find.


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